Stage 1   Application form – Now complete

Closing date was 20th May 2016. You will have received an email notification to confirm that we have acknowledged your entry.

Stage 2   Shortlist – Now complete

Entries were assessed by the panel of independent Judges appointed by the Scottish Ministers.

The shortlists for SAQP and Personal Achievement in Planning were announced mid June 2016 and added to our interactive map.

Stage 3   Finalists

  • SAQP: Shortlisted applicants will be contacted to make arrangements for either a site visit or an interview date which will take place early September 2016.
    This stage in the Awards process provides an opportunity for applicants to expand upon their original written submission. Whether selected for a site visit or a short interview, applicants will be asked to prepare a short video which will form the basis of a brief presentation for the Judges.
  • Personal Achievement  in Planning : Shortlisted applicants, whether an individual or team, will be contacted to make arrangements for an interview date which will take place early September 2016. They are welcome to attend with their nominator and will be asked to prepare a short 5 minute presentation.
  • Peoples Choice Award: There will be an opportunity for the public to vote in each of the three categories :Innovation, Architecture and Design.  The poll will close in September 2016.

Stage 4   Recommendations and Ceremony

On completion of the interviews and site visits, for the SAQP and Peoples Choice Award in Planning, the Judges will finalise their recommendations to the Scottish Ministers. If required, some entries may be contacted, over summer 2016, to provide further photographs to exhibit at the Awards ceremony.
An ebook containing the Judges’ comments for the Award Winners report will be available after the Award ceremony.

Judging criteria

All categories, Plans, Process, Place and Partnership, must have demonstrated innovation, impact and transferability.

  • Innovation: Demonstrate how you’ve been innovative with an idea or approach and why it has helped to achieve the successful delivery, or result, for a project.
  •  Impact Demonstrate what impact the project has had within planning.
  • Transferability:  Demonstrate how the benefits of the project can be applied to other local authorities, or organisations, so that others can learn from your achievements, through the dissemination of good practice, to enhance the delivery of the planning system.

In addition to the criteria (above) the work involved must be complete and have operated long enough for a fair assessment of its achievements. If part of a phased development, it is recommended that a significant phase has been completed prior to submission. Your application can be refused if it’s premature.

Good luck

We hope that the Awards will help to intensify everyone’s learning and sharing, from a whole range of successful projects – no matter what type or scale.






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